Gel Gloss Cleaning Products

The Gel-Gloss brand by TR Industries offers a complete line of the highest quality of cleaners and polishes for the majority of surfaces found within the home. Our “Original” Gel-Gloss Kitchen and Bath Cleans, Protects and Shines the surface in a one-step cleaning process. We strongly recommend it for Acrylic, Fiberglass, Cultured Marble, Tile, and Formica surfaces often found on today’s kitchen countertops,bathroom vanities, shower walls and spas.

The Expanded product line includes: Glass Wax for windows and mirrors; Granite and Natural Stone Polish for all natural stone; Stainless Steel and Appliance Cleaner for all household appliances; Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Polish for natural wood and laminate flooring; Mink Oil for Leather for leather upholstery, women’s purses and boots; Faucet Brite for all the decorative brass and chrome fixtures often found in today’s home; Cabinet Cleaner and Polish for all kitchen, bath, office and garage cabinets.

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